Moving to Blogger

I wish I had known how much easier it would be to use blogger! I hesitated to move, but since this blog is new I figured it was better now than later.

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I am still “Will Run for Cupcakes” and the pages thus far will be the same, but now I can add plug-ins like Daily Mile that I couldn’t use on this site.

Thank you!


Meet my “family”

Since this blog is new (and I just realized nauseatingly pink…It’s like that girl Elmo from Seseame Street exploded on here), I thought I would introduce the important “players” in my life.  WARNING: There is no mention of any running, working-out, and very little mention of food.

Does this helmet make me look fat?

 This is a picture  from a few years ago of my hubby, Mike, and me. I figured this didn’t have to be a current picture since we  are wearing helmets. We still wear the same helmets and I am pretty sure we would look the same if we put them on and took a current picture.

Which one of you farted?

 Starting at the bottom of the picture: The black doggie is Dean. He is a pomeranian/pekinese mix called a Pominese. I called him that as a joke, but that is really what they are called.  Apparently he’s a “designer” breed . Unfortunately, he was tossed out like last year’s Dolce & Gabbana, so we ended up adopting him.
 Meg is the big dog. She is a shelter dog, too…and my best bud of just over 10 years. She has a big dent in her head from an accident before I adopted her. I don’t notice it anymore, but anyone new always points it out. Sometimes I say, “Oh my God, it wasn’t there this morning!” 
Finally, the one that looks like Animal from the muppets is Maynard. Maynard is a brussels griffon. I shave him myself. He likes having that whole Mufasa thing going on.

Come closer so I can kick your ass!

 This is Dew. There are 3 ducks…Inky, Dinky, and Dew. They seem so sweet…but Inky has taken a chunk or two of flesh right off my hand. You don’t mess with ducks. They are ninjas!


She's a lady...whoa oh oh, she's a lady...Does singing a Tom Jones song date me?

This is Holly. Holly had a blog called The New Adventures of an Old Cowhorse about training for competitive trail riding after retiring from cutting. But then I realized (after she almost died from sand colic) I really just want to ride for fun and enjoy her and I don’t want to compete which just puts pressure on both of us.  So we do our own little trail courses around the house and maybe someday we’ll take a class, or not.

Whoa, Dude, My head looks really big!

This is Cozee. She has issues (like she falls. a lot. She also has trust issues… I am her 5th owner). She is just a buddy for Holly. I am thinking of teaching her to shake hands and bow (like a gelding I had, who unfortunately died).  I’ll keep you posted…
We love ewe!
 This is L.C. (Short for Little Camper) and Cooper. They are wethers (castrated males) who survived a mountain lion attack at my parents a few years ago. Sadly, Cooper died this summer of a condition similar to kidney stones. So L.C. has two new girlfriends (Sassy and Gertie)…retired ewes my parents didn’t want to send off to the great big pasture in the sky…aka IAMS dog food.  Cooper is buried in his pasture and we are going to plant a tree there.

Sniff....I think one of those dogs farted...

 Finally, this is Boon E. Rabbit. We also call him Snoopy or Snoop Dawg. When I am old and cannot care for larger animals, I will have only bunnies. They are very wise. And they never steal your cupcakes.

Hiking for Ice Cream/Camas Lakes

This weekend my hubby, Mike, and I went for a day hike to Camas Lake. The 2.7  mile hike is considered “easy”. The distance and elevation certainly are, however, parts of the trail are rather rocky.

This is Mike. I like Mike! Mike likes to hike. Hike, Mike, hike!

 It took about and hour to hike to the first lake..well, it took exactly 1 hour and 9 minutes. I set my stopwatch for everything, now. It seems to annoy others. (Bonus!)

I was having fun at the first lake. I caught two little fish right away, and the views were spectaculariscious! We climbed around the lake to another fishing spot. The rocks varied in size from little microwaves to the size of an SUV. It was slow going and certainly involved some crawling and climbing.

You can't tell from this picture, but trust me, these are big rocks!

Mike told me there were 2nd and 3rd unnamed lakes above Camas. He hadn’t been there in a number of years and told me it was “rocky”. Because someone was camped along the trail we tried to circumnavigate around them by climbing over boulders. I will admit, I got scared when I realized I had climbed a boulder with about a 25 foot crevice around it. The campers called out to us to come through their camp, which we did. By then my arms and legs were shaking a bit with fatigue.

We hiked up the trail and went to the right, following some cairns. (A cairn is a rock pile other hikers leave as a guidepost). Because we went to the right, I had to cross wet talus. These were huge sheets of wet and slippery rock. I will admit I began to panic a bit and snapped at Mike as he tried to help me navigate. I crawled through a particularly slippery spot.  At one point he asked if I wanted to go back. By then I could see the top of the rise where the 2nd lake lay and so I told him, “Well, I already came this far” and continued to scramble upward.

Wet Talus...Or as I call it, "The Devil's Waterslide".

The lake had experienced a wildfire sometime recently and was blackened all around us. It was breath-takingly beautiful and rugged and I may have seen a mountain goat, (I forgot my binoculars). So it was just a white blob on the cliff. The fishing was good, and I caught 6 little fish out of one hole, I think because I sing this song to the fishes:

Fishy, fishy in the brook,

come and bite my dainty hook.

We  were visited by “Camp-Robbers” (aka Clark’s Nutcracker) and an Osprey flying overhead with his or her catch of the day.

(While I did not take this picture…this one is just like what I saw. I am afraid to take overhead pictures of birds, lest they poop in my mouth).

I was dreading the hike down thinking I would have to scoot down on my hands and butt.  However, we hiked back down following different cairns we hadn’t seen on the way up. I was able to walk down easily after cheating death on the way up.

Wow, this is almost too easy!

My much improved attitude improved further when my husband suggested McD’s on the way home and their most delicious soft served ice-cream cones. After the adrenaline rush of the climb to the 2nd lake, a little cone of vanilla goodness was just right!

Max Louise - Soft Serve Ice Cream

(FYI: It took 1 hours and 3 minutes to hike out………………………………)

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. Just a quick overview of who I am, what I am doing, and why, so you will know if you want to stick around or not waste your time:

1. Running for Cupcakes is both a metaphor and a truth.   There is always the reward of feeling strong after a good work-out. Alas, that isn’t always enough.
* A new running skirt or shoes or tights or shirt or other fitness items can make me feel fancy while I’m out there sweating like a rhino.
* I get fired up reading a new issue fitness or running magazine. Especially stories about people overcoming physical disabilities. If someone without an arm, or leg, or who is blind can run, than my excuse of just eating too many Carolina BBQ Chips is NOT a very good excuse.
* I love food. Especially dessert. Exercise allows me to enjoy these treats without the guilt. Eating a “latte” cupcake from my favorite bakery is certainly a little taste of heaven.

2. I am not a “fast” runner, but I have gotten faster. After working out for 6 months I started at an 11+ minute mile and the ability to only run about 1 and a 1/2 miles. After training 5 months my fastest mile is about is 8:20. My fastest 5K race is 28:20. (I think it is 9:05 a mile).

3. The farthest I have run is 13.1. I picked a non-technical trail run for my first half at an altitude of about 6000 ft. and two very challenging climbs. My time was 2:27:41. I am training for my second 1/2 marathon. I hope it is flat. Or all downhill.

4. My vision for this blog is a place to document my progress, share ideas with real people, maybe share some recipes for some “good eats”, and hopefully share a laugh.

5. I plan on wearing a lovely cupcake inspired running outfit at an upcoming 5K. Luckily, it is one that encourages “outfits”. My friends and family think it’s nuts. I think it should be a good time.

Again…Welcome to my blog!